Aug 9, 2007

How to donate

Mr. Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland, was so generous to grant me permission to use his New York fund to ease the process of fund raising.  The donors can simply mail their personal check and receive a tax-deduction and the authority of the Chief Rabbi of Poland guarantees proper usage of their donation.

To help in this endeavor please mail your check or Money Order to:

FJC - Jewish Community of Poland Fund
520 Eight Avenue, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10018

All the donors are kindly asked to add a note that the donation is for Shebreshin project.  Donors should also email information that donation was made, from whom and the amount to

Thank you.


We were supposed to start the project in May 2007.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we were not able to make it at this time.  Fortunately this gives us more time for preparation and fund-rising for the 2008 edition.  Here is a recruitment leaflet - outdated already, but it gives you an idea about the project:


Living Memory - A Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project

This is a brief information regarding the LIVING MEMORY - A Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project.  I am very proud and grateful, that can be part of such an undertaking focusing on bringing Christians and Jews together, in my hometown: Szczebrzeszyn.

WCPO TV Authorization

The restoration process as well as the whole Living Memory Cemetery Project journey will be documented by the WCPO - TV Channel 9 (ABC) from Cincinnati, OH.  


Here are some photos from the cemetery