Nov 19, 2009

Local media picked up the story.

Local daily "Dziennik Wschodni" wrote an article about the letter to the Mayor of Szczebrzeszyn and intervention of Rabbi Schudrich and Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Nov 15, 2009

Sad visit to the cemetery

In the end of September I went to show Szczebrzeszyn Jewish cemetery to my friend working at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. To our disgust the old, metal gateway falls apart and the fence is ripped in many places. The place looks abandoned. But not - we spotted a group of youngsters sitting on the gravestones having a conversation. We could hardly see the matzevot because of the overgrown vegetation. At the center of the cemetery we saw a signs of regular hang-outs of locals: broken bottles, juice cartons, cigarette buts and other garbage.

I wrote an email to the Mayor of the town copying the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Poland, CEO of the Fundation for the Preservation of the Jewish Heritage in Poland and other institutions. The Office of Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland contacted me recently with information, that the Mayor has called up the sanitation services as well as the police. They informed me also, that the Chancellary of the President of Poland intervened as well.

Let's see if the interventions will do any good.

And remember: if you feel like helping in bringing back dignity to the Szczebrzeszyn's cemetery please contact me at

Apr 18, 2009

2009 Update

As far as I know, nothing has been done lately to protect and renovate the ancient Jewish cemetery of Szczebrzeszyn.

Among friend and acquaintances the idea has sprouted to form an association solely for the purpose of renovation and historical study of the monument instead of waiting for the authorities and legal owners to do the job.

The works on the legal status have started and we should come up with registration documents shortly.
If you would like to join or simply have ideas that might help please contact us at

Nov 14, 2007

New co-ordinator of the project

I would like to inform you, that the Szczebrzeszyn Cemetery Project is now under supervision of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Jewish Heritage in Poland (Fundacja Ochrony Dziedzictwa Zydowskiego) in Warsaw.
Please contact the Foundation regarding the Szczebrzeszyn Jewish Cemetery Project at:

Oct 7, 2007

First donation

I am happy to inform you, that the first donation has been made.  Thank you very much!
I hope this will encourage other good-hearted people to help bring back dignity to this over 500 years old Jewish cemetery of Szczebrzeszyn.